To physicists and astronomers, dark matter is believed to make up more than 90% of the universe; it does not reflect light or have mass. We believe health care data is the dark matter of health care.

Vast sums of health care data go undetected, never reflecting light on a growing universe of life science data. DarkMatter2bd through its MedFuseTM database and proprietary search engine, maps segments of healthcare data to convert healthcare dark matter into usable information.

DarkMatter2bd provides healthcare market data, visualization tools, custom analytics, and services to help life science companies advance efforts in sales, marketing, medical affairs, and clinical research effectiveness. Health care provider relationships and professional activities are combined to deliver insightful information to help clients achieve their business objectives.

Many influential physicians serve on the same committees, publish together, or engage in the same social networks or clinical trials. To analyze these relationships, DarkMatter2bd provides clients with valuable insights into the ways physicians work together and connect. These connections are tracked geographically to uncover influence in specific locations or across geographies.

We focus on four key areas within our MedFuseTM database.

HCP/TL Referral Network (RN): Actual referrals by disease state with customizable inclusion of Rx & Medical Claims, Rx Sales data, Direct Sales, and Distributor/Specialty Pharmacy Sales exist in this data set. Granular forms of de-identified claims and medical data extracted from numerous sources are used to link providers and identify referral patterns and disease profiles. This information creates provider and patient cohorts that are used by marketing and R&D for targeting and clinical trial recruitment.

HCP/TL Medical Training Network (MTN): Medical school, graduating class, residency and fellowships; DarkMatter2bd maintains the most reliable and robust prescriber level health care provider training histories available. DarkMatter2bd takes years of data collection and blends it into the MedFuseTM database to create a provider profile.

HCP/TL Professional Network (PN): Research, publications, associations, societies, institutions, licensure, practice

Professional Activity Network (PAN): Is a growing list of matched HCP industry contracted services at the national and state levels. DarkMatter2bd maintains a list of matched HCPs used to track industry contracted services at national and state levels; CIA, voluntary and reported transactions. Transaction level information follows PPSA requirements.

MedFuseTM tracks complex HCP relationships that continue through their academic and clinical careers. The information is used for strategic planning, clinical research targeting, budgeting, resource allocation, identification, and engagement messaging. Information is extracted based on strict business rules and data structure.

Business Rules
Rules are used to set criteria that run against the MedFuseTM database of over 2 trillion records. These rules use selection criteria to extract information in a convenient and timely manner.

The filters are based on HCP criteria designed to yield desired reports or lists of HCP/TL and patient cohorts.

Unique ID
Every provider and patient comes with a unique ID. This allows MedFuseTM added analytics and the ability to link client data when and wherever possible.

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